Since centuries bohemian glassmakers have been the leading bead producers of the world. By the 14th Century the King of Bohemia had invited German glassmakers to relocate to his kingdom and to establish a glass industry. He could offer unlimited sand, water and trees needed for the glass production. These trees are made in Gablonz / Jablonec, established in 1356. Now in store!! Between 7-20 cm

India/Gujarat: Patan Patola is a double ikat textile, that means both, the warp and the weft, are dyed before the weaving. As a result patterns and colours are extraordinary vibrant and elaborate.  With such thin silk thread it takes a lot of time and it´s an extreme test of precision and planning. A sari starts around 10 000 $.

Kutch/Gujarat/India: The walls of this Meghwali roundhouse in Hodka village in Kutch are constructed with whitewashed mud and dung and a lot of mirrors. Normaly the toran is hanging above the door, here he´s  protecting the inhabitants agains the devils coming out of the TV.