Blouse and wrap-around skirt from Bangladesh


This skirt & blouse combination (some pieces with extra shorts) is made with old Saris from Bangladesh, sewn together by tailor´s from Chennai in India. 

The sari is undoubtedly the most versatile attire for Indian woman. Tracing its origins back to ancient India, the unstiched cloth is the most important pieces of a traditional woman´s wardrobe in India. For everyday wear the sari is more or less disapearing, but as party and special occasion he´s still alive. The sari is a hugely variable garment, there are hunderts of draping styles, and even a lot of different reigional styles with patterns, colours and material. 

Normally the Sari has three distinctive parts, the border of the 5,5 m long garment has a running pattern, often made with metallic thread, the body part is plain or full of patterns, and the ends (called anchal or pallu) have the most decorations. 

The combinations are coming together with small bags, perfect for your next trip.

100 % Silk, Sari around 10-20 years old      

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