Lao Tai blanket, Laos

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The Lao Tai are a part of the Dai ethnic community, and have inhabited various kingdoms in China and certain regions in Vietnam since the 6th century B.C. In China, the Dai were known as »Tai-Kadai-Kam-Sui«, and today, with the other Tai people, are collectively referred to as »Dai«. Known as »Dai« in China, in Burma they are called »Shan«, in Thailand »Tai« and Laos »Lao Tai«. Weaving has always been an important means of expression for the Tai. Their manual crafts are correspondingly artful, intricate and ornate, and the meaning of the textiles is deeply entwined with their cultural life. . For the Tai, their textiles always have a spiritual significance as well, as they are closely connected to their animistic beliefs. The patterns and how they are arranged are crucial to the spiritual power textiles hold. Primarily they are representations of animals and plants, or abstract symbols, which are mythically charged for the Lao Tai. Naga, the snake, has a central role, can be found meandering across almost all Tai fabrics. The Tai believe they are intimately connected to Naga. Primarily, the snake is well-disposed towards human beings, protects them from illness, evil spirits and hunger.

Handwoven 100 % handspun cotton, mid 20th century or older

Size: 0,74 x 0,90 cm

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