Rushnyk from Ukraine

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A rushnyk is a ritual towel, preferably of handspun linen of flax or hemp and rectangular in shape, which is a symbol of a life’s journey. The word Rushnyk comes from ruka, meaning hand, and a regular rushnyk would be simply a towel.  A Rushnyk decorate icons and icon corners in homes, as a Ukrainian proverb states that “a house without a ‘rushnyk’ is not a home. The rushnyk is believed to be a median between God and man. He follows a person through his whole life, given to a baby at birth and used in the funeral service after death. The process of making depicts the path of life, by weaving from left to right and embroider from the bottom to the top. The majority of rushnyks are embroidered and woven with red, as the colour of life, fertility and health. Most of the symbols like diamonds, triangles, circles, rosettes, and stars are revolve around nature, fertility, wealth, the circle of life and the protection against evils eye. During a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are standing together on a Rushnyk. Traditionally the one who steps first will be the leader in couple.

III quarter 20th century, 100 % handwoven linen, embroidered by hand

size : 3,85 x 0,33  m


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