Suzani, Uzbekistan, III Quarter 20th century

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In Uzbekistan, textiles were always the key decorative element in a home, as there was hardly any furniture to speak of. This not only applied to nomads in their yurts but also to people living in cities and towns. The custom was to sit on the ground, with a long, woven piece of cloth, the dastarkhan, serving as a table. Embroidered bags, known as napramach served to store various items, such as mattresses consisting of various quilted, padded and/or upholstered quilts, known as kurpas.

Suzani, Uzbekistan, III Quarter 20th century

Handstiched, Backing with pre-revolutionary russian roller-print (grey with flowers)

Cotton with cotton threads, Cotton backing

Size: 2.85 x 3,60 m

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