Wrap around skirt from Bangladesh

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Draped and wrapped garments are the most common form of clothing for both men and women in South Asia.They appear to be the oldest form of attire in South Asia. Stitched garments entered the region with ancient migrations of people from Central Asia. In Bangladesh the men wearing Lungis, cotton tubes with mostly checked pattern. They can be worn in many different ways and the knot can be tied as distinct. They are normally associated with labourers, richshaw drivers and rural men. And more than eighty percent men of Bangladesh still wear lungi inside their home because nothing can be more comfortable to wear instead of a lungi. The traditional garment has been donned to show national expression and pride. The father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, wore a white lungi often to show his solidarity with the people of his homeland. In 2013 rickshaw-pullers wearing lungi were barred from entering Baridhara, one of the posh neighbourhoods in Dhaka where diplomats and affluent people live.The ban was imposed by the Baridhara Housing Society, an organisation of the home owners. Protesting the move, hundreds of youths held a ‘Lungi March’ on Apr 13 in the area and the issue was hotly discussed on social media.

Together with a tailor from Dhaka, Bangladesh, we made wrap around skirts out of the the orginal lungis. With a hole and long ribbons from the same textile, to close.

100 % Cotton Sizes in Small and Medium/Big. Please leave a note.

After your order we´ll send you pictures from the available pieces, because every checked pattern is unique.


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