Barong Tagalong from Philippines, piña fabric

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The Barong Tagalong is a transparent, heavily embroidered shirt which belongs to the national costume of the Phillipines. Every filipino has at least one barong in the closet, for weddings and all kinds of joyful festivities. It was1975 as Ferdinand Marcos declared the barong to be national clothing by decree. And because it was so beautiful, he also introduced the annual Barong Tagalog Week, which takes place from 5-11 June.

The beautiful men’s shirt originated in the period of Spanish colonization as hybrid of Spanish and domestic elements. Shirt shape and fabric have a long tradition in the Philippines, the embroidery are due to the influence of the Spanish.

The legend, the transparent barong was invented by the Spanish so that the Filipinos could not hide weapons under their shirt, could never be confirmed.

The flamboyant shirt is particularly popular during state visits when arriving politicians are photographed in the national costume of the host country.

It is mainly the “piña” fabrics whose fibres are made from the leaves of the pineapple, for which the Barong is known. In the 19th century, fabrics made from pineapple fibers were the colonial export hit of the Philippines, which was mainly supplied to European noble houses. In 2017 New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern publicly defamed the Barong as too scratchy and too strengthened and called him “silly asean” in a diplomatic faux pas.

Size Medium

100 % Piña (pineapple fibre) lining traditionaly in polyester

Length 0,80 m, Width breast  1,12 cm

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