Blouse & Skirt Set made from vintage sari, India

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This garment is made from a vintage silk sari, sourced in different parts of India. The indian sari is the most represantative apparel of the subcontinent. Worn in thousands of varieties of ways, the sari is an un-stiched strech of woven fabric from 4 to 8 meters in lenght. In many, mainly rural areas of India the sari is still worn, It shows the deep involvment and complete sense of identity of the indian woman with the sari. The layout of the patterns is very special, as well as the patterns themselves.You can see this in each of the pieces we made from theses fine, silk masterpieces. Model: Quality: Size: Price:

Size: Medium

wrap around skirt: Lenght 0,88 m, hips 0,80 m

Blouse with 3/4 arms: Lenght 0,52 m, Width 1,02 m

100 % cotton, skirt with cotton lining


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