Chikankari Kurta from Lucknow, India

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This kurta is decorated with chikankari embroidery, white in white embroidery from the wonderful city Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The term Kurta can be traced back to the persian influence. 

Chikankari is also called as shadow work. The word „Chikan“ derived from the Persian word „Chikeen“, meaning cloth wrought with needlework. „Kari“ is Hindi and means work. Chikankari work from Lucknow, with a repertoire of 36 different stiches, has now GI status, that means Geographical Indication.

There a two different views on the origins of chikan embroidery. Paola Manfredi worte in her book about Chikankari: „A popular view in Lucknow that favours the Persian origin through the patronage of the Mughal empresses, and a scholar view with points to a bengal Origin.“

100 % Cotton, Handstiched Chikankari 

The garment is starched to obtain the right stiffness.

Size S/M     Length 1,00 m Width 0,65 m

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