Embroidered Apron, Dong, Guizhou, South China

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The dong are an ethnic group from the south Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Hainan and Guangxi. They are famous for their wood architecture, their drumb towers as well as their wind and rain bridges, for their music, dance and singing. Their cultural assets are considered world heritage by the UN including their shiny indigo fabrics, the elaborated weaving and stiching technics.
On festive days the women of the Dong wore these aprins over their jackets. These aprons are very delicately woven at the edges with an even finer cross stiching in the centre. This fine woving is called „Dong Jin- Dong Brokat?“ Normally geometrical motives are used but there are also floral and natural designs and people in various motives. One can identify this kind of weaving thanks to the sophisticated patterns that are created by the many steps in applying the stiching with a very thin satin thread.


Apron length: 50 cm, width: 45cm; Skirt to wrap around 50 cm long.

III quarter 20 century

Handwoven and hand dyed, the center of the apron is hand-stiched

This piece is an individual handwork. There are more pieces available, please contact us and we will send you pictures.


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