Peacock Candy, dinner plate, from Horezu Romania

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Since 2012 the handmade pottery from Horezu is part of the Unesco´s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. As explanation they wrote: „The handmade Horezu ceramics from Valcea originates in the traditional craftsmanship of the region. Each object is shaped with the help of a certain finger technique that is clearly individual making every piece a signature one. Each potter applies his own technique using luminous colors in traditional motives. The expertise is passed on from the senior to the apprentice.“

The history of Horezu’s ceramics is closely entwined with that of the nearby Horezu Monastery, which was built in 1690. By inviting artists and craftsmen from all over the world to apply their skills to building his monastery, the builder, Prince Brâncoveanu, introduced a variety of new influences to rural culture. Local artisans like the potters were also affected by this active international cultural exchange. In particular the streak motives and peacock designs from the Horezu pottery are close to italian influences. Oriental influences are clearly present in the slip-glaze technique and use of concentric circles reminiscent of sunbursts decorating the vessels. The potter’s still work in a traditional way. The colours are natural, made from local minerals and clays. They´re applied with cow horns and then finetuned with wooden sticks. The technique is called „jirăvirea“. Even the clay is made by the potters. Each piece is shaped traditionally on a simple kick wheel.

Diner plate, handmade on a wheel & hand painted

Size: 26 Diameter

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