Pair of Tenates de Palma, Oaxaca

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Basket weaving is considered one of the oldest crafts in Mesoamerica. These finely woven, colorful baskets made from palm fronds are called “Tenates de Palma”.

They are the perfect containers with and without a lid for storing all sorts of things, in the bathroom, in the living room, for groceries, as a rubbish bin.

The weavers of these baskets live in San Luis Amatlán, a small town near Oaxaca City. Most of the women learned their trade from their mothers. The women color the strips of straw made from palm leaves that they buy wholesale themselves.

What is special about her baskets are the interesting color combinations and imaginative patterns. Of course, that brings enormous variety.

Unfortunately, basket weaving is a difficult business for the weaver. The very high material costs and working hours are not absorbed by the tourists who do not want to pay much for a raffia basket. The collapse of the basket market has also reached the province of Oaxaca. The only ones who can really make a living from their weaving in Oaxaca are the well-known carpet weavers from Teotitlan del Valle. With this collaboration we hope we can start a long term fruitful business with the ladies of San Luis Amatlán.

low basket: 10 cm height, 20 cm ø; higher basket: 23 cm height, 23 cm ø

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