Mexican mercado bag, big size

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These handmade bags made of colourful plastic stripe are maybe one of the most successful products in Mexico. Probably every woman in the country has at least one. The iconic baskets are everywhere specially at the markets and on the streets. The Basketry of Mexico has its origins far into the pre Hispanic period, it’s one of Mesoamerica’s oldest crafts, specially products for the daily use like the transport of goods. Nowadays the bags are traditionally made by prisoners, to earn some money for their family. This job opportunity based on a government initiative that began in the early 20th century, to learn an artisan skill in order to provide a small income. The prison gives only permission, they do not support the business nor provide the material.

Size: ca. 34 x 42 x 14 cm (height, width, depth)
Handwoven bag from recycled plastic

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