Tablecloth Guatemala, vintage textile

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These tablecloth is an old, handwoven towel from the small town San Antonino Aguas Calientes near Antigua, Guatemala.

The textiles are made on a back-strap loom, maybe 30-40 years ago. This truly age-old craft has been used in Guatemala for over two thousand years, pre-dating the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores, and remained relatively unchanged since ancient times until today. It is an easy, portable way to weave, using sticks and wearing a belt around the waist of the weaver. Even if it looks simple, you need a lot of knowledge and talent. And a lot of body control. The weaver controls the tension by the direction in which she moves her body.

IV quarter 20th century, handwoven on a backstrap-loom

100 % cotton

Size : 1,00 m x 0.80 m

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