Sujani quilt from Gujarat, king size

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Sujanis are double weave fabrics in which cotton is filled in between the two layers during the weaving process. gFor this labour intensive work two or three craftspeople need one day to make one Sujani. To set up the weaving stool it takes more than one month. But then the weaver can make around 100 quilts. It´s a vanishing craft. 

There are two different stories about the origin of the sujanis from Bharuch in the south of Gujarat. Both are orginated in 1860. At this ime Bharuch was ruled by the Nawabs. Her king, very senstive in the sense of smell, loved to sleep with quils filled with rose petals, jasmine flowers and henna leaves. 

The second: A bharuch native learned this art from an Assamese convict in an andaman island jail. After his release he taught it to the villagers from Bharuch. For five generations now the craft has survived and served as the livelihood of the community. In India only three families from Bharuch can make this time consuming craft. Our blankets are made my the familiy Sujniwala.


Nearly 100 % Cotton and stuffed with Cotton

(Three sizes available: Baby 1,50 x 1,00 Normal 1,50 x2,30 and King size 2,30 x 2,30 )

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King size: 2,30 x 2,30 m 90 x 90 inch

light blue/grey + white available

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