Wrap around skirt made from real batik from Sri Lanka

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Lungi is a traditional dress of the men of Bangladesh. They are wearing lungi for decades. This plaid cotton tube of cloth can be worn in many different ways and the knot can be tied as distinct. The village men always wear it everywhere, including the bazaar or relative’s house. The lungi with a short vest is the most common form of male attire in the countryside and in the less-wealthy sections of urban settlements.

They are normally associated with labourers, richshaw drivers and rural men. And more than eighty percent men of Bangladesh still wear lungi inside their home because nothing can be more comfortable to wear instead of a lungi. The traditional garment has been donned to show national expression and pride. The father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, wore a white lungi often to show his solidarity with the people of his homeland.

100 % handwoven cotton       Size S/M/L

Lenght 90 cm

Width 165 cm

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