Summer dress, Madras textile

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This is a real Madras textile from Tamil Naidu in south india. The real Madras Handkerchief, RMHK, was made only for export. There are also other checked and plaid export fabrics from India, like gingham, george cloth, Madras check and Madras cloth. During the long trade histoy of the cloth there was the rumor that it all started with with tartan plaids of the Scottish regiments, but in fact it was only the description of the european for their orders as „in the pattern of Scotch tartan“ that started these confusion. In fact plaid fabrics were in use in India long before any Highland regiments were sent abroad, and it’s not like they „imitating foreign patters“ as James Forbes Watson describes in his book about indian textiles.

Holderneck dress, size 36-38, Lenght 112 cm, Width under the breast 68 cm


Skirt in one size: Lenght of the skirt 60 cm, width 1,62 

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