Huipil from San Pedro Amzugos, Oaxaca, Mexico

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The huipil is for sure the most important garment for the woman in the province of Oaxaca, Mexico. The handwoven garment is beautiful and functional and tells a lot of the background of its owner. Every Huipil references to specific regions, indigenous groups, social classes and family tales.  

A huipil is a simple tunic of varying widths and lengths, made with mostly two or three rectangular panels, sewed together by hand. Huipiles (like these one) are typically woven on a portable backstrap loom. The Huipil is a pre-colonial garment, before the spanish arrived is was made with natural materials like tree bark and agave. The different decorations, like emboridery or woven decorations are influenced by the spaniards. 

The huipils from San Juan Coloraldo, inhabited by the mixtec people. Most pieces they weave are for commercial sale. They are decorated with motivs and figures against a plain or stripe weave.

Handwoven on a backstrap loom, sold without belt, 100 % cotton

Length: 1,10 m

Width: 70 cm (single measurement)

More or less all sizes, but more Medium than Large or Small


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