Chullo from Peru and Bolivia

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These hand knitted men hats called chullos, are so finely knitted that even a skilled knitter can sit for a month at such a masterpiece. The Spaniards also brought some good things to South America with their colonization. This includes the knitting, which has been carried out by the men and women of the Quechua and Aymara with an incomprehensible precision until today. The chullo is usually worn like a kind of a sleep hat and the tip hangs down on one side. But there are areas where the knitted cap is worn under other hats. That looks also good.

They are traditionaly all acrylic, all handmade. Takes one month to make it
IV quarter of the 20th cent. / 70s or 80s.

Three pieces available. The chullos are great children caps, but are also a beautiful wall decoration.

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