Miska Kancso from Hungary, Large

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In addition to the towns of Mezőcsát and Tiszafüreden, Mezőtúr is one of the Hungarian pottery centres, and thus also the hussars jug production.In Hungary, wine jugs in the form of a hussar are called Miskakancsó.The Jug-husar should wear a Dolman, a uniform jacket tied on the chest, and a magnificent hussar hat, the Shako.A Hungarian hussar is not a hussar without the mustache. In the broadest sense, the hussars as armed horsemen are the cowboys of Europe. As a rule, the hussar has on his stomach a snake, as a symbol of health and a long life. Since ancient times, snakes have been associated with health. Because they can shed their skin, they were thought to understand something about rebirth and the mystery of eternal life.With the help of their depictions, they wanted to win their favor and keep the symbol alive through this constant presence.In the past, it was believed in villages that a person lived as long as others talk about them. So with each jug of wine, eternal life came to the table.
Size: 28 cm

Color: at the moment only complete green available !

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