Marbled cups, Troyan, Bulgaria

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Home town of the famous bulgarian ceramics is Troyan, in the north of bulgaria in the Balkan Mountains. Over centurys pottery was a main source of income for the local craftsmen. Around 1900 there were about 3000 pottery makers in the area. The Troyan masters coin their own decorative systems inspired by the paintings ofthe famous Troyan monastery nearby. They admire the art of National Revival artist Zahari Zograf who left breath-taking frescos in the church of Troyan Monastery and borrowed elements from his works into their decorative patterns.

Due to the fact, that fine examples of traditional pottery can be seen nowadays only in the town’s museum, we start to immitate these old models in a modern way with one of the last remaining pottery workshops in Troyan. 

Made on the potter`s wheel and painted by hand

Size: 10 cm

Please let us know, witch color combination you prefer:

Green & white, white & pink, blue & terracotta, pink & blue or white & black


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