Turquoise horse lamp from Italy

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These elegant version of Pupes (puppets) on a horseback are called „Amazzoni”, they are handmade in the small Apulian village Grottaglie, Italy. In Grottaglie more than fifty ceramics workshops are in operation since the 16th century. The woman and men version are wearing 17th century clothes. They are also used as candleholders or as beautiful lamp foots.

They remember the story of an ancient Pugliese rite: the ‘ius primae noctis’.
In Puglia in the 17th century the feudal lord had the right to spend the first wedding night with the bride of his subject.
According to the legend a farmer, overcome with jealousy and the will to defend his honour, decided to rescue his wife from this abuse of power.
He decided to dress up as a woman to offer himself to the lord, indulge him, pretending to be a woman, and surprise him at the end of the evening; other versions claim instead that he disguised himself with the intent to assassinate his lord with a dagger hidden in his clothes.
But unfortunately he forgot to shave off his moustache, arousing the suspicion of the lord who discovered the deception.
What happened to the courageous and jealous farmer?
Tradition divides into two versions: according to some the farmer was executed, according to others he was pardoned for his ardour but as punishment had to yield a considerable quantity of wine to the lord.
What really happened is not known, but one thing is certain; after this the population rose up and managed to overturn the law.

Horse lamp with shade total height ca 50 cm 

Color: Smeraldo

Lamp base 

Handmade in Grottaglie, Puglia, Italy 

ca 28 cm length, 13 cm width, 28 cm height 


Handmade in Saxony, Germany

26 cm height, 22 cm diameter

with handwoven Khadi textile from India 



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