Uzbekistan: For the people from central asia Ikat is something like checks for the scots.  Russia knewed how to use this preference from his former colonies for the goods, they had made special for this interesting market.    ↓


India/Gujarat: Patan Patola is a double ikat, that means that by resist-dyeing both the warp and weft prior to weaving. This takes a long, long time. There is only one familiy left in Patan doings this Ikat.  A scarf with the lenght of 2,5 meter cost around 1000 Dollar. And that´s totally ok! 



Gujarat/India: The Rani-ki-Vav step-well from Patan is one of the most beautiful step-well from India.  The Ikat weaver from Patan claim that the textile was in Patan before the fountain. 


Guizhou/South China: Such blankets were made with stencils made of cardboard. Of course the tiger is forprodection against any kind of bad spirit.