Pottery from Saschiz, Transylvania

Saschiz is a commune in Mureș County, Romania. The village was famous for its pottery and ceramics. Especially the technique to scratch the designs into the half dried glaze with the help of a wooden rod is worth mentioning. The former communities of Transylvanian Saxons who used to live here in large numbers of up to 300.000 people and cultivated the design and production of these pieces have left this region, at last after the end of the end of the Ceausescu regime and th fall of the communist block. With the help of the Foundation Adept the craftsmanship of ceramics is being reintroduced and nourished. This is fortunate and we are now able to bring these beautiful technics and designs back to life. Marinel, the potter of the workshop, is making a real good job. He added some quarz to the clay, what makes the ceramic more durable. And he is working with old pottery samples and even with new forms to revive the craft in the best way.