Handmade crib from Kraków, south Poland

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This special type of christmas crib, made out of shiny paper and cardboard, you can find only in Kraków, south poland. They first appeared in 19th century Crakow and it´s still going on today. They suggest more an architecture modell than a common nativity scene. 

In the early 19th century wandering crip shows were widespread in Crakow. The crips were constructed in light material for easy transportation. Later on groups of carollers with puppet-show cribs to be given hospitality in private houses were popular. Soon there was a heavy competition among the various groups of carollers. The crib maker were mostyl bricklayers, carpenters and builder´s assistants. 

Since 1937, there is a competition on every first Thursday of December in Krakow, organized by the historical museum. Everyone is allowed to participate, regardless of age or domicile, but the crib should be crafted in Krakow style and satisfy certain aesthetic requirements. A colorful paper roll is not enough.

Size: 33 x 8 cm

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