Silk Jebba from Tunesia, new

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The Jebba is the key element of tunisian traditional men suit, worn in Tunisia and Algeria on festive occasions, but especially at weddings. Jebbas are also worn by women, but first and foremost, it is a men´s garment, to wear with a vest and trousers.

The Jebba covers neither the forearms nor the calves. They are worn togehter with red felt hat, the chechia, and on the feet some soft, light slippers.If you can afford it, the wedding jebba should be made out of white silk. Eight different craftsmen work on one jebba, from the weaver to the silk sticker. The silk embroidery actually comes from the Turks, it was taken over by the Jewish craftsmen in the medina.

It is important to understand that Tunisia, as the smallest country in the Maghreb countries, has been heavily influenced by many different ethnicities who populated the area in the last 2,000 years.

In addition to the Berbers, there were Phoenicians from Lebanon, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Moors, Jews from Andalusia, Turks and French colonialists.

100 % vintage silk from India, handstiched with silk thread, dyed by us 

one size, length 1,22 meter 

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