The Dzao Quan Trang from northern Vietnam

Today, the Yao Quan Trang (White Trouser Yao) live exclusively in Vietnam, in the northern regions surrounding Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang and Lao Cai. Yao Quan Trang women die their teeth black with a paste made from squashed ant wings and lemon, and by regularly chewing betel (only the women of the Tsio Ban Yao, another group of Yao, chew betel leaves). The Yao Quan Trang originally come from the district of Fangcheng in south-west Guangxi, and may have previously lived on Hainan Island. They live in the plains and apart from rice, cultivate maize, cassava, tobacco, fruit and vegetables.

»Quan Trang« – white trousers – however, are only worn at weddings. Trousers worn on regular days tend to be blue. While the women still wear their traditional garments frequently, the men have stopped doing so completely, except for religious ceremonies and festivities.

Here you can see all pieces of the costume of the Yao Quan Trang: White trousers, indigo Jacket and the white breast cloth with the embroidery of a seven or eight point star. From:  Jess G. Pourret: The Yao; River Books, Bangkok 2002.

This woman once does not have black teeth:  No betel nut chewing and no ant paste on the teeth. Omg.