Velas de concha from Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Doña Viviana Alávez Hipolito is one of the famous candle makers from Teotitlan del Valle. Theses velas del Conca are important objects for the wedding ceremonies of the village. In the Zapotec community the beesway candles called “velas tradicionales de concha,” because of their seashell-like decoration. They are given as presents from the son in law to his mother in law, before the couple gets egaged. The young lover lead a large procession of family and friends to the house of the bride’s parents, with everyone carrying one of supersized and super colorful folwery candles. They are part of a great symbol of prosperity and abundance for the new couple.”

The candles, we are selling, are made specially for sale from from Doña Viviana and her family. We are lucky that the family of Viviana revived the region’s famous candle-making industry. 

100 % beeswax, all made by hand

Color: Black

Size 30 cm


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