Cushion, vintage textile from Dong people, Hunnan

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The Dong (endonym: Gaeml or Kam), the Chinese name for this ethnic group, are Kam-Sui people resident in the southern Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Hainan and Guangxi. The Kam are thought to have descended from the ancient Liào who inhabited these regions already 2000 years ago, where the Kam still live today. Women’s work, weaving, dyeing and embroidery, became increasingly important for Dong cultural identity. Mothers and grandmothers would teach their daughters and and granddaughters how to weave the most exquisite patterns, how to stitch rich embroideries, and create the most beautiful shades of blue.

Vintage Textile around 40 years old on both sides

The textile is from Tongdao in Hunnan

Handwoven Cotton

Size: 45 x 25 cm

including filling with down feather

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