Rhodope blanket, Bulgaria

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The Rhodope mountains lie in the South East of Bulgaria – on the border with Greece. It is said that they were once the home of Orpheus, the poet and singer of Greek mythology, who could sing so beautifully that even the hellhound Zerberus stopped barking. In these high lands the weaving skills learnt over generations to make warm and very durable blankets. They lie as bed covers in the houses and pensions or folded on benches in front of their homes. No household seems to get along without the indestructible blankets. The production takes place on mechanical looms, but these must be set up by hand. The knotting of the edges is also done manually. In the 18th and 19th centuries, 90% of all traditional costumes and textiles in Bulgaria were made of sheep’s wool. Until now the percentage of wool in domestic textile production is enormous.Today, the blankets are only produced in a few factories. Traditionally the blanket is made in the national colors white, green and red. We made with our producer from Smoljan these color combination.

100 % Merino wool, checked with white, blue, grey and red

Size: 1,50 x 2,00 


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