Pattu shawl and blanket, Jodphur, India


Pattu weaving is made by the local Meghwal communities in the Jodphur district, Rajastan, India. Pattu weaving textiles are worn by all members of all communities in theregion. Once Pattus were gifted to all immediate realatives of the groomduring the marriage ceremony. Nowadays many tradtional Pattu designs where use by Ngo´s and designers for special product ranges.

The base cloth of the Pattu is either plain or twill-weaves (like the one we´re selling here) and the motifs are created through the use of the extra welft in an area limited to the motif alone.

Wool & Cotton Mix (Natural fibres)

Around 20 years old

Size: 2,55 x 1,34 cm



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Weight 5 kg