Tube Skirt (Phaasin) from the Lao-Tai, Laos

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The Lao Tai are a part of the Dai ethnic community, and have inhabited various kingdoms in China and certain regions in Vietnam since the 6th century B.C. In China, the Dai were known as »Tai-Kadai-Kam-Sui«, and today, with the other Tai people, are collectively referred to as »Dai«.

Lao-Tai people describe tube skirts as having heads (waistbands), bodies (main parts) and feet (hem pieces).

The old fashioned style of woman´s dress of the Xam Nuea skirts called „sin lues sues bor por“ which means „too much skirt and not enough blouse“. This style is fortunately over, nobody want´s to get eaten by a skirt.

This skirt in a „sin muk“. This means it´s made with a more complex design of the everyday tube skirts called „muk“. These took their names from the number of shafts used in the weaving process. A greater number(from two to eight shafts) resulted in larger patterns and were harder to weave.

The skirts are sold with new waistband. They are tubes and they are folded on the side, so they a narrow to the body and you can still walk with big steps.

Handwoven textile from 100 % cotton, around 15/20 years old

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Length 1,20 cm, waistband 80 cm (could be made wider by moving the hooks)



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