Skirt of the Hmong, Vietnam


About 75 percent of Vietnam consists of tropical lowlands, mountains, and densely forested highlands. North-west Vietnam, one of the roughest and coldest regions in the country, is also home to 20 different ethnic minorities, of which 750,000 are Hmong. The Vietnamese formerly referred to these hill tribes as »moi«, savages, wild people. Today there are more than 5 million Hmong in the whole world: about 500,000 live in China, where they are called Miao, 250,000 in Laos, 75,000 in Thailand and some in Burma. Around 53% (900,000 Hmong), the largest community live in Sa Pa, Northern Vietnam.

The women of the Black Hmong belong to the most elegantly dressed of the ethnic groups of Southeast Asia. In Vietnam the Hmong live in the province of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. They call themselves „Hmong Du“.

But this beautiful skirt is probably from a group that calls themesevles “red Hmong”

IV quarter 20 century, handwoven cotton, appliqués handmade

Size ca 26/38, width: 93 cm, length: 48 cm

Very good condition but quite heavy.

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