Jacket, Red Yao, Sa Pa, North Vietnam

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This jacket (Chan Lui) comes from the region of Lao Chai in the north of Vietnam and belongs to the national costume of the Red Yao. The Yao are indigenous people who live in the north of Vietnam,  Laos, and Thailand as well as in the South of China. This is where they originally come from areas such as Guanxi, Hunan and Guangdong.

The jackets was originally cut for the male body but it seems that the female European body is better fit for it. The Yao have perfected the art of stiching. In this case you will find further stiching on the  indigoblue coloured, handwoven linen garnished on the sleeves as well as a square on the back between the shoulders. The stichings are motives of plants, trees and children. The red ribbon applications symbolize a red river.

IV quarter 20 century

100% Cotton, handstiched with cotton or silk thread

Size S/M,  length 60 cm, width 54 cm

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