Jacket of the Yao Tien, North Vientman


„Yao Tien“ is the vietnamese term of the group of Yao, who now live in the north of Vietnam. One could translate the meaning with „The Yao with the coins“. It is easy to find out where this is coming from since they love to use coins as decorative elements in their wardrobe. The items here are from the more western Dao Tien near the area of Hoa Binh. Their costumes are generally more modestly enriched than the ones from the eastern regions. The piece is a unique unisex item that is worn by women and men alike. Besides the 6 to 7 coins on the collar, a small „Pan Hung“ symbol, the „Loui Tsin Tan“ as it is called, can be found. For festive occasions and ceremonies two tunics are worn.

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