Dress (Kuylak) from Uzbekistan


Kuylaks are undergarmets for chapans that were worn by women and men. They have a classical t-shape, extra long and wide arms that are supposed to be seen under the mantle. Because of the size of the piece this Kuylak was probably for a man.

This fabric is a real ikat fabric even when the checkered pattern doesn’t seem to suggest it. Ikat is a kind of batik technique. Before the fabric is woven, it is set in individual bundles and dyed. Each bundle must be tied and colored differently for each color. On the loom you can recognize the finished pattern before the fabric was woven. Besides the hand-looms in Central Asia, old and simple Soviet weaving machines are still used today. This piece is surely woven by hand.

I quarter 20. century

Fabric: cotton, hemp, linen, ikat

Length: ca 112 cm, width: about 85 cm
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