Velvet chapan from Uzbekistan


Silk velvet was importet from Russian factories to Uzbekistan and was always a sign of luxury. A chapan served nicely as an exlusive gift handed over to special guests and at weddings and other festive occasions. The more expensive and luxurious the piece the more appreciation for the person who received it. The coats were perfect for the region with its hot summers and extremely cold winters. The blue edging was directly woven into into the piece, a process that is called „loop manipulation“. In any case the edging will protect its wearer against evil spirits. What makes this a piece for women are the double dart stiching in the axillary area. 

Woman´s chapan circa 1900

Outer lining: silk velvet from Russia

Inside: handwoven trim and atlas ikat facing  

Length: 1,25 m ; from cuff to cuff 1,30 m

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