Alacha Chapan from Uzbekistan

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The chapan, a type of overcoat also known as khalat or don, was worn throughout the whole of Central Asia by men and women alike. Few divergent stylistic elements indicated whether the garment was intended to be worn by a man or a woman: frequently, the women’s coats had tucks gathered along the armpit, had no collar and were not belted, as is usual for the men’s chapans. Today, sadly, chapans are only worn by elderly gentlefolk.

This chapan is lined with cotton and therefore intended for the cold seasons. The hand-woven border on the edges of the mantle will protect its wearer from the evil spirits. The outer fabric is called Alacha, a hand-woven cotton fabric, which is more likely to be found in the south of Uzbekistan. This Chapan probably comes from a woman who has lived in a rather rural area. The inner lining of the chapan is a Russian roller print from the middle of the 20th century.

II quarter 20th cent.

Outside: Alacha cotton, hand-woven, inner lining: Russian rollerprint Size approx 36-40, length: ca 1.10 m, width: simple measured: 0,60 m, very good condition

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