Vyshyvanka belt from Ukraine

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Vyshyvanka is a traditional ukrainian embroidery, which is the most essential part of the national costume. As a kind of prophylactics embroidery alon sleeves, hems, necklines and across the arms positioned at any opening through which evil could enter. The main function of these motifs was to protext the wearer and thus help ensure fertility. Traditionall motifs for this purpose are flowers, birds and the tree of life.The embroidery is principally in cross stich, patterns are symbolic, usually representing blood, the sun and fertility. The variety of the Ukrainian traditional embroidery patterns is characterized by wide regional and ethnic diversity.

Ukrainian woman are famous for their sexy outfits and costumes with ultra feminine emphasis and pride.

Mid 20 Century, maybe older

Material: 100 % wool, handwoven,

Size: Lenght 3,06 m, Width 4,5 cm

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