Bowls from Guijduvan, Uzbekistan

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These bowls are made from the pottery workshop of the famous Narzullaev family in Guijdovan, in der Provinz Buchara, Uzbekistan. The design of the bowl is a copie from some plates the grandfather made in the 70ies. Nowadays Alisher Narzullaev represents the 6th and his son Olimjon already the 7th generation of ceramic masters in the family. As preservation of the cultural heritage of Gijduvan ceramics is their aim they still use the traditional manufacturing process. The Narzulaevs did not follow the path of large-scale production to reduce costs, but decided to preserve traditions as much as possible. They have modern technology, like a mechanical potter’s wheel, but whenever possible they use an old kick wheel. The herbs for producing the glaze are grinded in their own donkey driven mill. During the firing process, the pieces are stacked using the traditional tripod.

Bowl, all made by hand, colors from grained minerals from the surroundings.

Diameter 20 cm



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