Bowl, Petrus Regout, Maastricht

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These ceramic pieces intended for daily use that had been exported by European potters to Muslim countries from around 1840 until the 1930’s. The exporters included some of the largest ceramics manufacturers in Europe, here we have a piece from one of the largest European ceramics factories was named after its founder, Petrus Regout, in Maastricht, Netherlands. In 1836 Regout built a modern steam-powered pottery and was soon able to make ceramics that could compete with the best English products. From 1880, his exports took off worldwide. Petrus Regout, was based in Maastricht, after a merger in 1958 with Société Ceramique, the company’s name changed to N.V. Sphinx-Céramique and they made tiles. In 2010 the production was moved to Sweden by owner Sanitec. 

This simple, strong earthenware consisted mostly of cups, bowls, large dishes and plates. As export goods, they fetched good prices, and they displaced locally manufactured goods since they were generally more durable and their price was competitive.

Purchased in Bangladesh

Little traces of usage, from around 1910/20

Height , Diameter 20 cm

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